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5 Trends in SEO Services for 2021

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SEO is no doubt one of the essential factors to drive traffic to websites. However, with quick changes in trend, it can be challenging to keep up with them. But, it is worth the effort. This article provides insights into the relevant trends in 2021 that we’ve seen becoming part of the best Atlanta SEO services.

Here, are the five trends that you must look out for:

User Experience (UX) Will Play a Big Role

According to May 2020 Google Webmaster Blog Post, the user experience (UX) will be considered as one of the major factors in the ranking. Fortunately for companies, they can use Core Web Vital Report through Google console to see where their website pages stand from a UX perspective. With this information in hand, try to optimize the website for mobile and desktop devices, so it doesn’t load slowly. Additionally, make sure the content available on the site creates value for the users and directly impacts your business metrics. Along with it, your website should also be free of annoying pop-ups.

Voice Search Will Have Big Impact

Voice search technology has come a long way with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. As a matter of fact, around 55% of households will have smart speakers by 2022. This is the reason web development companies in Atlanta recommend focusing on this feature. You can optimize the voice search by using the frequently used keywords. Also, make sure to use long phrases that people use in everyday conversations. For instance, instead of optimizing for ‘new SEO trends’, try ‘What are the new SEO trends? It is because people tend to use longer phrases while searching through the voice feature.

Long-Form Content Will Be Better for SERPs

Based on various researches, the content of 3000 plus words will have three times more traffic in years to come. Not only that, but they will also receive 3.5 times more backlinks. So, make sure you start focusing on long-form content to get a better ranking on the search pages. The goal of this is to keep the users engaged with the useful information. However, the question is how can you achieve this? Ensure your content writing services have the following factors:

  • H2 and H3 headings
  • Links to authoritative sources
  • Easy sharability
Video Marketing Will be Prominent

After Google, YouTube is among the most used search engines. So, it is time to get started on optimizing the video content. Focus on the channel name and the description. However, do not overstuff the details with the keyword. The description must be user-friendly that depict what your channel is exactly about.

Another thing you can do is to activate YouTube’s autocomplete feature. Start typing the topic for your video on the search bar. Then, the relevant searches will pop up. You can use these keyword suggestions to optimize the content.

Featured Snippets Will Become Important

This is the content that is visible on the top of search pages in a rectangular box. These are vital for the website. However, you have no control over the content that will be visible. The Google algorithms will do the job. But, with the help of an SEO consultant in Atlanta, you can arrange your content in bullet points to make sure it extracts relevant data.

These are some of the most vital SEO trends that will commonly be seen in 2021. Follow these to make sure you attract more customers for a better ranking. More so, we would recommend to take help of professionals like The Appeal Design to make the best SEO strategies.

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