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TV Drama and reality

3 min read

It’s easy to get caught up in this world-class drama. But is the drama true? It’s pretty surreal when you experience it, but is drama or heartache really the way the spirit sees things? I dare to say that the drama is not real. It’s not who we really are.

This is an old story that is a great example of tv drama, reality, and wise people understanding who they really are.

My father and son live on a farm. In their “reality”, they have one horse to help grow their crops. The “reality” of his son was that he did not have enough horsepower to plow the fields, but his father waited patiently. One day his son was able to find a wild horse and help him destroy and plow it. Now my son’s reality is filled with “good” dramas. His father said, “Who knows if this is good or bad?” He knows that there is nothing good or bad in real reality, and that drama exists only in this dimension.


The next day, satisfied with the “reality,” the boy cultivated a field with a new horse, which picked up the boy, threw it into the air, and broke his back. While suffering, his son believes the drama is a reality, but his father asks, “Who knows if this is good or bad?” The son is depressed and laments the “reality”, and in doing so produces more drama.

The next day, his son recovered in bed and soldiers came in search of a healthy young man. But his back broke, so his son didn’t have to go!

So why do we experience drama? The Pinoy Tambayan includes a car accident, a child falling and cutting his knee, missing a promise, and the death of a loved one. These things are part of our world and are “real” in this dimension in which we live, but not who we are. They are the state at that very moment.


The reality is the one we are at the center of. That is our essence. In reality, we are happy, healthy and holistic. Of course, some would say that drama is a reality, contrary to my definition. Yes, drama is one level of reality, but which reality is it? The drama has its roots in this three-dimensional reality and exists, but our sources see it in a different way. Source sees it as love.

I sincerely believe that we can reduce drama in our lives. You don’t have to experience reality in your daily drama. Take the example of a wise father and look at the “reality” through the eyes of the source. Realize the drama coming and going, but in reality, we are happy, healthy, and whole.

Since drama is part of the essence of what we experience and for good reason, I would also like to say that drama can be useful. This may not be the reason we are aware, but the underlying theme is to help us along our way. Missing a promise that we thought was real may actually be a way to slow us down. Maybe we need to release a drama.

The language must be simple and musical and meet the habitual requirements of the character. Playwrights want to convey their core theme to their readers, so they interact with people according to their perceptual abilities. People only accept simple, short sentences that are elaborately crafted with similes, metaphors, satire, sarcasm, and alliteration. That is why the language was chosen with the spirit of the people in mind.