Use of Louvre and Shutter System

Everything around the world is getting modernized and so are the blind and window systems of your houses. Retrac Louvres and shutter systems are extremely popular nowadays especially in places where the weather is really hot. This does not only give your house or offices a enhancing look but also helps during extreme or even moderate weathers. Many architects and builders are using these professional engineering solutions to enhance their projects and give it a modern touch. The Retrac Louvres are one of the professional engineer solutions which helps with better ventilation and air flow into your house. These louvres and shutters are a great addition for especially summers. It’s a good way to cool off at your home with proper ventilation and without direct sunlight entering. It let’s cool air inside your house and due to its adjustable blinds you can keep it at a preferred angle or close them completely.


Louvre or louver are slates or blades that are arranged horizontally on windows or roofs for better airflow and light regulation. Now these louvres are becoming electronic and are made easier as you can now move it according to your own preference. Louvres are a good eco-friendly cooling system which allows a good breeze to enter your house without receiving direct sunlight. If you really want these louvres can even replace your air conditioning making it more eco friendly. They are not only good for your home in terms of blocking sunlight or rain but also comes in a wide range of colours and designs which gives your house a beautiful touch. Sometimes even closet doors and patio roofs have louvres attached to it. Adding louvres to your patio, terrace or garden roofs can be a great addition as it acts as a protector against the sun and rain. It helps extend the living space outdoors. As you can control the slates, you can choose whether you want to keep it sunny or shady or close it completely as once closed it becomes completely watertight.


There are three types of louvre system that can be found. First one being the fixed louvres. As the name suggests these systems stay at one place and do not move but they are able to withstand all weathers. These louvres need to be paid special attention during their installment to get the process shading control as it cannot be adjusted after that. These are mostly appropriate during the summers only as they provide shade only during the higher sun angles so when during winter the sun angle is low it provides minimum to no shade. Secondly, comes the adjustable louvres which are motorised louvres. It provides shade throughout the year as it is adjustable according to your preference. They are different from the Retrac Louvres as they always remain in front of the glazing. The third one is the Retrac Louvres.


The Louvre and shutters go together on doors or windows. Shutters provide the framework in which the Louvre needs to be fitted in. The shutters mostly look like they are made of wood and give a wooden finish but they are mostly made of aluminium which is durable.