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After the decision to use the advantages of e-commerce for your company, you have to choose the right shop system. Many factors, such as the available budget, the number of products, the connection to an existing merchandise management system and the integration into existing business processes must be considered and evaluated.

One thing is certain: there is no such thing as a perfect shop system. However, the shop system can be found that best meets the wishes and requirements. In this blog we present three recognized shop systems, with their advantages and disadvantages.


Magento is the most popular and widely used e-commerce platform in the world with a market share of over 25%. Magento is offered free of charge, i.e. as open source, and is an “all-in-one solution”.

Magento is characterized by its countless features and limitless possibilities for extensions, interfaces and modules. With Magento you get a shop system with which really anything is possible. The shop system is used to completely personalize the online shop. As an all-in-one solution, Magento users are supported by retailers, partners and developers so that all company goals can be achieved.

Outstanding features of Magento are, for example, the multilingualism and currency selection in the online shop. This means that the web shop can be used internationally – there are literally no limits. In addition to strong performance, Magento also offers a high level of security in the online shop. Several sub-shops can be operated and managed. Furthermore, the scalability ensures a rapid change in the size of the company.


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The Magento shop system has a free open source version, but medium-sized to large companies will have to invest in one of the solutions offered. The costs depend on the requirements and complexity of the online shop. Depending on the complexity of the web shop, companies must also have a specialist in programming. Another critical point is the speed problems in online shops. Magento therefore offers an extensive online shop that has comparatively long loading times.

Advantages of Magento

  • Flexible and individual design
  • Backend architecture
  • Good scalability
  • Strong performance
  • High security
  • Countless features and extensions
  • Multilingualism and currency selection
  • Control of several sub-shops


  • High complexity
  • High initial investment


Shopware is one of the most established open source shop systems and has been on the market for 18 years. Over 80,000 customers use this software.

Shopware offers a simple operation of the shop system, which is made possible by the intuitive backend. This saves a lot of time and money, since you can work faster and also less need to be developed. The online shop can be individually adapted through the backend and has a large number of modern templates that are just as easy to use. The design templates can be easily adapted.

A big advantage of Shopware is the limitless possibilities for additional extensions and CMS elements. The shop system is characterized by its smartphone user-friendliness and focuses on the customer experience. The professional versions even offer the option of managing multiple shops with different domains and bringing them onto the market immediately.

Basically, Shopware is an open source solution, however extensions of functions have to be purchased separately. The free solution is completely sufficient for a simple and small shop. As soon as the online shop grows, investments should be made in the commercial edition. When using Shopware, the company should have a developer who can take care of the shop system. Shopware offers tons of options that are too complicated to use, especially for beginners.

Advantages of Shopware

  • Intuitive backend
  • Loads of templates and extensions
  • Focus on customer experience
  • Mobile friendly
  • Control of several shops


Woo Commerce is an original extension of the WordPress content management system. Today it is an independent shop system that works flawlessly, especially with WordPress. Woo Commerce comprises 30% of all online shops and has been downloaded over a million times.

The WordPress shop system is particularly popular with smaller shops and beginners, as it is easy to use and does not require any developer skills. In addition, the shop system is open source and can therefore be commissioned free of charge. Woo Commerce can be installed quickly and easily and has a simple user interface and layout. The step-by-step introduction guides beginners through the system.


Woo Commerce is characterized by its smartphone-friendliness, which made it one of the top three shop systems in this category. Blog operators have the greatest advantage of Woo Commerce, as WordPress can be connected directly to the shop.

Woo Commerce is ideal for smaller online shops, as the shop system is overwhelmed with 500 or more products on offer. Without a developer there are also restrictions in the area of ​​application and of course you have to pay for extensions.


  • user friendliness
  • Suitable for beginners without know-how
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple and quick operation
  • Integration in WordPress


  • Maximum number of products
  • Restriction due to a lack of know-how
  • Extensions are chargeable


Based on the advantages and disadvantages of the shop systems, we recommend the following shop system for the corresponding company size:

For small businesses

Woo Commerce is the best solution for small businesses that want to start with a free online store. The shop system offers everything that is needed for an online shop and can be operated without developer knowledge. However, extensions must be purchased.

For medium-sized companies

Shopware is a good solution for medium-sized companies that want to get a lot out of their online shop and have the opportunity to invest more budget. The large number of extensions enables the creation of an extensive online shop that is both customer and smartphone friendly.

For medium to large companies

Magento is suitable for medium-sized to very large companies. Due to the large number of extensions, developers can get a lot out of the online shop and make it one of the best on the market. Of course, the budget increases with the complexity, which is why larger companies need web development services from reputed web development agencies . The system is too complex and expensive for small shops.

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