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Who people need of Surrogacy? | BabyScience IVF Clinic

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Surrogacy is considered a feasible option for those couples who are not able to conceive in a conventional manner. Even though surrogacy comes to the aid of people to complete their families, deep misconceptions are revolving around surrogacy.It is quite a simple and convenient method for women who are not willing to deliver a baby traditionally.



There are certain medical conditions and complications involved thereby making it extremely difficult for people to conceive naturally and ultimately rely on surrogacy. Some of the major reasons behind opting for surrogacy are as follows: —


  • Premature medical conditions: —- Certain premature medical conditions make it quite difficult for some women to conceive traditionally. For example, some women encounter issues like severe heart ailments and kidney problems thereby posing a detrimental effect on their health. It also affects the fertility levels of an individual. Women are vulnerable to uterine problems including fibroid, scarring, and Asherman’s syndrome. All these factors are responsible for the inability to sustain a pregnancy during the entire course.


  • Infertility: — Infertility is indeed one of the major factors behind opting for surrogacy by some couples. Even though fertility treatment is a good choice, it is very expensive, monotonous, and not viable.


  • Gestational surrogacy: — Gestational surrogacy is meant for same-sex couples, single individuals, or for those who consider age as a hurdle for traditional pregnancy. It is currently a common practice followed overseas. However, the Indian government had imposed stringent measures to curb commercial surrogacy thereby making it extremely difficult for same-sex couples and single parents to opt for this method.


  • Issues with previous pregnancy: — If in case a woman had encountered problems related to pregnancy in the past, then surrogacy might be a great option for them. Some of the common pregnancy complications include fertility problems, preeclampsia, or incompetence. It is also an ideal choice for the ones who had undergone past trauma and severe complications.
  • Absence of uterus: — There are certain women who are born without a uterus and this would affect fertility. It would prevent them from conceiving traditionally. Medical conditions like cancer might take a toll on the reproductive organs of a woman thereby forcing them to undergo a surgical procedure named hysterectomy. It is a process that involves the removal of the uterus.


Benefits of Surrogacy


  • Surrogacy enables single people and infertile individuals to become parents when they are not able to conceive traditionally.
  • In the majority of the circumstances, gestational surrogacy lets people become a child’s biological parents.
  • Surrogacy provides emotional support and strength to raise a child from birth
  • Surrogacy offers intended parents an opportunity to get familiar with and create a robust relationship with their surrogate
  • Intended couples might encounter minimum restrictions related to surrogacy to that of adoption. It is for those who are not allowed to adopt owing to restrictions imposed by the concerned agency and could opt for surrogacy.


If you are planning to adopt the method of surrogacy, then you may consider approaching Baby science IVF, which is a renowned IVF center, based in Bangalore. The cost of surrogacy in Bangalore is very high. It is based upon factors like the experience of a surrogacy doctor, success rates, and location of a surrogacy clinic.


Gestational surrogacy is regarded as one of the most effective treatments to that of other surrogacy techniques. A surrogacy is deemed incomplete in the absence of the IVF method. During the period of gestational surrogacy, both sperms and eggs are gathered from male and female parties. It is thoroughly mixed for natural fertilization. There are certain fees involved like gestational carrier, social worker and attorney, legal and medical expenses.


Surrogacy Center in Bangalore


The surrogacy treatment expense in the city of Bangalore varies when compared to various other locations. Most of the couples traverse across cities to obtain budget-friendly surrogacy treatments. Nevertheless, here at Baby science IVF, they could take advantage of attractive surrogacy packages. The cost of surrogacy is low when compared to other countries in the world.


Wrap Up:


Surrogacy is indisputably one of the best choices for those couples who are not able to conceive and to complete the families. The cost of surrogacy in Bangalore is affordable and you could rest assure of top-quality services and treatment provided by reputed doctors.  Baby science IVF is a standalone surrogacy center that consists of a highly skilled and experienced team of embryologists and IVF specialistscapable of performing all kinds of artificial conception treatment with ease.