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Wholesale Essential Oil Boxes vs. Pre-Designed Stock Boxes

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Trends have evolved into technological developments in this advanced society of inventions. As a result, custom essential oil boxes have improved their qualities in this modern technological race. New methodologies, specialized skills, and cutting-edge analysis have greatly increased their value. The functionalities of pre-made Essential Oil Packaging Boxes  and custom essential oil packaging are vastly different.

Our cutting-edge machines and printers at Fast Custom Boxes are dedicated to providing you with the best essential oil boxes for packing your delicate bottles of essential oils in an attractive and eye-catching way.


Cutting-Edge Automation

Because of the atomization in the development phase, these custom essential oil packaging could be manufactured in large quantities quickly. Plain brown boxes, on the other hand, take longer to prepare for item packaging than the average. We as a supplier of custom essential oil boxes are familiar with advanced features such as self-healing, cooling, mini-boxes, hygienic boxes, and much more.

In comparison to the old plain boxes, these essential oil packaging boxes have been granted a new lease on life. We’ll give you a thorough understanding of both conventional brown boxes and essential oil packaging in this post. As a result, you’ll be able to choose the ideal boxes for your brand’s merchandise.


Simple Brown Boxes Have Features Like;

If we follow the trends, these brown boxes are still in use today in the industry.

  • These boxes have a straightforward and simple appearance.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It’s simple and quick to make.
  • There are no prints on them.
  • Only one color is available.

These boxes have predetermined dimensions and cannot be rendered in various thicknesses. They are available in very limited styles and sizes.


The Benefits of Buying Custom Essential Oil Boxes in Bulk

The majority of essential oil boxes are designed with all of their users’ needs in mind. These essential oil packaging boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as designs and decorative pieces. These packaging alternatives are, without a doubt, extremely common these days.

  • Their stunning models are created specifically to catch the attention of shoppers.
  • The appearance of these essential oil boxes is appealing.
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Contains the company’s name, logo, and all other pertinent details.
  • Available in a variety of trendy colors.


  1. The Brand’s Awareness

Brown boxes are mass-produced in large quantities. These packages do not have any information about your business written on them due to a lack of emphasis on design optimization. This is why these boxes would not help your business become well-known among your patients.

Advertising is the primary use for custom essential oil packaging. These containers are the ideal advertising tool for imprinting the company’s name in the minds of potential customers. They are made up in order to leave a positive impression on the minds of the viewers.


  1. The Product’s Security

The need for boxes is primarily motivated by the need for safety. Consignment and transit custom essential oil packaging are durable, wide, and easy is in high demand. To that end, businesses continue to use plain brown boxes. However, these boxes do not suit all package sizes perfectly. And the sizes of these boxes are predetermined.

Retailers use essential oil boxes that are the exact size of their product to elegantly show it and ship it safely. These wholesale essential oil boxes are ideal for those who want to customize their boxes to meet their specific product packaging requirements. You can optimize your packaging safety by inserting so many safety gadgets in these essential oil packaging.


  1. The Opportunity to Customize

The simple brown paper boxes are available in a limited range of formats, trends, and color patterns. They are not professionally customized since they are mainly used for shipping or storage purposes.

Custom essential oil boxes are primarily made to display the products more appealingly to all of your customers. These essential oil packaging boxes are then customized in elegant ideas, with serial numbers, expiration dates, various benefits, and safety measures printed on the outside.


  1. Price Overview

Pre-made boxes are often produced in large quantities. As a result, they are less expensive. It’s the same as if you’re going to buy printed boxes in bulk for your piece. You’ll also benefit from vendor discounts. Gift packaging is often done with essential oil boxes. Their prices could be slightly higher than plain brown boxes in this situation. However, you will astound your loved ones and make them happy at the same time.



This is a detailed comparison of the advantages and drawbacks of plain brown boxes and custom boxes. You could now select the appropriate product packaging option. These two containers each have their own set of uses. Visit also: Bath Bomb Boxes

If you’re launching a new brand of essential oils, however, our marketing experts at Fast Custom boxes recommend using custom printed boxes. Because these custom wholesale boxes for essential oil bottles are great at marketing and showcasing the company’s essential oils in the best alluring manner.