Why Essay Writing is Essential for Collage Students

Essay writing is an everyday activity on campus. Most students will write more than three papers per semester throughout their college life. A large percentage of students don’t like this exercise. They feel it’s draining and does not add value to them. Here are some reasons why essay writing is essential.

It’s a way for lecturers to gauge your understanding


After a whole semester of reading voluminous books and theories, it’s time to test your takeaway.Your lecturer uses assignments to measure whether students understood the subject. It gives them a chance to know whether students should redo some units.

Lecturers test areas they suspect that students did not master. Have you ever wondered why it’s easy to get what your tutor teaches, but you can’t grasp anything in an exam? It is because what you learn in class is plain while what is in an assignment is twisted.

Your tutor expects you to understand the subject and not cram content. That is why they bring unfamiliar questions believing that you can tackle any assignment if you understood what they taught.

Essay writing assignments help you to revise your notes

The best way toremember what you have learned is by writing essays. The marks you get in yourwork shows you the areas that need improvement. Without research projects, you won’t know you need any help until you fail your end-of-semester exam.

Assignments make students read. Some will never open their notes if there are no exams and term papers. Thanks to research projects, students can now spend a whole night reading and writing.

It’s a way of learning writing skills

One of the areas tested in an essay is the writing skills. Lecturers want to see how a student can craft and present an idea. The more assignment you write the better writer you become.

It’s for your good to know how to write. After your college education, you will enter a world where people will test what you have learned.Knowing how to present a practical idea in writing will save you. Employers want to hire people who can freely and clearly express their opinions.

Rejoice when you see your lecturer giving you countless assignments. They are preparing you for days to come. Use thisopportunity to perfect your writing skills on how to write a reflection paper.

Essays grade you at the end of the semester

Schools use essays to grade students. They set them in a way that will show the overall capability of a student. Some schools collect all the papers you have done throughout a semester and use them to award you. That’swhy you should never miss an essay.

It’s part of academic work

Your lecturer did not come up with essay writings. It’s part of what you should do before graduating. Each unit has the required number of essays tobe written before qualifying for an undergraduate degree certificate.Some will require you to write on narrative essay topics, and others will need research projects.

Tips to help you in essay writing

Sometimes it’s challenging to write essays, especially, when you don’t know how to begin. Having basic knowledge onarticles will help you tackle any question. The following are some tips to help you.

Follow instructions

The first thing before writing your essay is to ensure that you have understood the guidelines. Do not ignore or assume challenging phrases used in the instruction. Ask for clarification from the lecturer. These overlooked words have a significant bearing on your grade.

Team up with friends

If it’s your first time writing an essay, it’s essential to engage in a group. You will have a chance to exchange ideas and ask questions which you would not answer if you do it alone.

Form a group with peoplewhom you share the course. They will be more beneficial since you will help each other in doing your assignment compared to joining friends for the sake of being in a group.

Research the essay topic

You can’t write an essay without researching it. Most students write what is in their heads without considering other authors’ ideas and opinions. They end up writing a biased paper.

Put extra effort into your research. Do not rely on your lecturer’s notes. Sometimes, they do not have the answers you need.The internet has credible academic materials you can use to do research. Ensure your sources are peer reviews, books, and journal articles.

The above are reasons why essay writing is essential. The most important takeaway is that you should never miss an assignment. It’s better to submit it later than not to hand it over at all. This will ensure you don’t attract penalties for not submitting your assignments.

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