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Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework for Application Development

4 min read

Whether you are a developer or a product owner, choosing the right framework for your application can be a challenging task. This framework selection process can depend on many crucial factors, such as the cost of development, popularity of the framework, ease of access, deployment, testing methods, and much more that needs thorough consideration. There are many frameworks in the market that provide electrifying features and technical capabilities; however, Laravel is the one that you can choose for robust web development.


In this article, you will learn about some of the reasons why Laravel is so popular and why you should hire Laravel developers for developing premium business webpages, apps and software. However, let’s go a step back and first discuss what Laravel is and what are the advantages it can offer.

What is Laravel?


Laravel is a popular open-source PHP framework intended for web and app development. It is one of those frameworks that almost all developers prefer due to its impressive and flexible features that makes the web development process relatively easy.


Let’s discuss the features and characteristics of Laravel that make it one of the best php frameworks available in the market.

Advantages of Laravel


  • MVC based architecture: The Laravel framework follows MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture that provides exceptional performance and support to the developers helping them build small or large applications conveniently. Also, it simplifies the coding structure that can help the developers do their work efficiently.


  • Powerful ORM: Laravel has one of the best Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) that allows you to interact with the objects present in your database and database relationships using demonstrative syntax.


  • Multiple file storage system: Laravel comes up with a built-in cloud storage system such as Amazon S3 and Rack Space for cloud storage and local storage. Switching between these storage options is quite simple as the API (Application Programming Interface) remains the same for each system.


  • Artisan Console: The command-line interface of Laravel is known as Artisan. It has many applications, like:
  1. Managing database migrations
  2. Publishing package assets
  3. Seeding and producing boilerplate code for new models, controllers, and migrations


  • Easy Testing: Laravel provides a unit test for the application by default to detect and stop regressions in the framework. Moreover, these unit tests can run through provided artisan command-line utility.


Now since you have read about the advantages of Laravel, let’s discuss the reasons to consider it as the framework for web development.

Reasons that make Laravel the best choice as a PHP framework

Simple and secure authorization and authentication with Laravel

When you have Laravel, you can easily implement authentication as almost everything in it is advanced. It provides a simple way to manage authorization logic and can handle access to all resources. With this, a product owner can ensure that no unauthorized users get access to secured and private resources.

One of the most personalized and customizable framework


With Laravel, you get a mind-blowing option of customization that many other frameworks do not offer. Although it comes up with pre-defined and pre-designed packages, product owners can customize them to suit their specific business requirements. Since you can personalize the framework’s structure and design as per your needs, you can turn it into a powerful tool and expect magnificent results with it. You can also integrate third-party applications to ease out your work in Laravel.

Get support and interaction with mail services integration


A successful business knows that it is vital to have a communication system through which everyone can update and interact with each other. Laravel offers a feature to create a local or cloud-based mailing service through which you can send notifications via various delivery channels, such as Slack and SMS.

The development time with laravel is relatively faster than other frameworks


With the advanced tools and libraries that Laravel offers, developers do not take much time developing websites and web applications. It provides feature-rich solutions to the designers, resulting in a top-class user experience in shorter periods and relatively fewer efforts.

A cost-effective tool for the entrepreneurs


Since Laravel is an open-source framework, the product owners do not need to pay anything to have it. Therefore, the only cost incurred is of hiring a developer to build their apps and web pages. However, even that is not much expensive as Laravel provides some exciting offers and an extensive warehouse of tools and libraries that makes the task easier for the developers and hence saves the development time.

Final words


If you have read this article till this point, you can imagine how great Laravel as a framework is. Its features of scalability, flexibility, security, etc. makes it one of the best choices for creating and maintaining your applications. Therefore, please do not wait, and hire skilled Laravel developers today and get their expertise to assist you for your next project.