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You Should Know These Facts About Castelvetrano Olives

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Castelvetrano Olives are a very special kind of olives that are considered to be the tastiest of all olive varieties. The main reason for it is that it can be eaten raw and it tastes crunchy.

Facts to Know About Castelvetrano Olives

Before you attempt buying Castelvetrano Olives you have to know some vital points about this olive type to be sure that the decision taken is the right one.

1. They Grow in Sicily

The weather of Sicily is the best to grow this kind of olive. During the day the weather is hot, the evening becomes cooler and by night the coastal breeze overrun the olive orchards.

2. Castelvetrano Olives Are Cultivated at Other Places

Dry weather is the most favorable for this olive. So only a few countries around the world including Pakistan, South Africa, and India have the perfect climate to grow Castelvetrano Olives.

3. They Are Bigger Than Other Types

When this olive type is compared with others; you will notice that Italian Castelvetrano Olives are bigger than other average species. For this reason, experts have given a nickname to this variety as mini-apples. It is of bright green color that stands out from other colors and types.

4. Inside Appearance Is Different from Outside

The outer part of the olive is crunchy and crisp. But the inside is softer just like an avocado. The bitterness is not strong as you might taste in other olive types.

5. Perfect for Snacks and Antipasto

Although all olive types can be added to the antipasto course in a lunch or dinner; but Castelvetrano Olives that you can order from online stores including Sogno Toscano will go well. Also if you are searching for an olive for munching; then this olive is a perfect choice.

6. Antioxidants Help in Anti-Inflammatory Process

Vitamin E is the best source of antioxidants that has a vital role to play in the inflammatory process inside the body. Also, it assists to reduce the risk of having serious and chronic diseases.

7. Regulating Processes of The Body

The polyphenols in this olive are a special compound that helps to regulate and balance various processes and systems of the body. It is an agent that helps alongside antioxidants.

8. Healthy Fats Are in Abundance

In the past, it was normal thinking that all kinds of fats even the naturally occurring ones in various foods are dangerous. But today doctors and nutritionists recommend eating foods that have natural and healthy fats.

Used in A Wide Variety Of Italian Cuisines

A great quality of these olives that not only raw Castelvetrano Olives can be consumed but also added to many different Italian dishes.

1. Helpful Bacteria Called Probiotics

Probiotics are not only good for children but also adults can benefit from them. It is a type of friendly bacteria that is the best for gut, cognitive health and lowers the risk of having various diseases.

2. It Grows On Evergreen Tree

The olive tree comes from a species of trees that are evergreen. Also, this tree was cultivated more than 3000 years ago and some trees in the Mediterranean are extremely old and are still capable of producing fruit.

3. Confused by A Vegetable

The majority of the people consider Castelvetrano Olives as a vegetable, but in reality, it is a fruit. They are thought of as a fruit because they grow from olive flowers that have ovaries.


According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global olive oil market size was USD 13.03 billion in 2019 and it is projected to reach USD 16.64 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.2% during the forecast period (2020-2027).